The Getty Center

I finally was brave enough to try out the Getty Center with my 1 and 3 year old. And to be honest I have no idea why I was scared. Maybe because it was the thought of them crying or breaking a statue in the exhibits was enough fear to stop me. I had to have more faith in them, and I needed a plan. If they got restless or started to become too fidgety I would just step out. No big deal! I had some good basic info from their website. And they offered wonderful advice how to talk about art with toddlers! We parked in their garage and took their tram up to the entrance. Don’t fear the line it moves and they will check strollers and bags so have it all ready! We went into three exhibits before they started to get restless so we headed to the Central Gardens. What a perfect place to run around, have lunch (or dinner), and soak in the LA skyscrapers! In one of the pictures, you can see my little one running through the garden. The view of LA is amazing! After we smelled the flowers, snacked on the lawn and shook our sillies out, we did two more exhibits (including Egypt and the Classical World, kids favorite!!). We had such a wonderful and stress-free visit that I am going back for their Family Festival on June 2nd! Seriously bummed I waited 8 months (living so close) to venture here!

Quick reference:

  1. Cost: Parking is $15 but entrance is free, so load up the fam bam or take the Metro in!
  2. Strollers are allowed and I was totally fine navigating mine through the exhibits.
  3. Pretend the tram is a ride and your kids won’t be so anxious waiting in line!
  4. Get a map so you can find and circle your bathrooms and elevators! There is also a kid-friendly activity for kids to take part in so pick it up at the info desk.
  5. There are hand-sanitizer stations everywhere!! Love, love, love if you are a germaphobe like me!
  6. The Family Room is awesome when your kids want to get their hands on art! Plus, you can take home a mask. There is also a couple of benches available for my breastfeeding mamas.
  7. I’m potty training my son so when we were at the gardens he needed to go use the restroom. There is an opening up the hill (no need to go through the maze again, see picture) so you can cut quickly and make it to the restroom on time and dry! The restroom is literally in that white building, so you can make it the restroom if you are hanging out on the hill.
  1. I wish we would have had a picnic so I’d recommend bringing lunch/dinner! They sell food, wine and beer on site (I bet I got someone’s attention here). And if you have a AAA membership, you can get 10% off at their cafe! Another option: If you are visiting the area, there’s an In and Out and Diddy Riese cookies 15 minutes away near UCLA (not far at all)! A must try so there you go!
  2. You and your kids are allowed to roll down the hill, it is encouraged!
  3. If you follow them at Getty 360, they provide a calendar of family events!

What to bring: food or money to buy, a picnic blanket, camera or phone for some great pics!

Restrooms accessible? Yes! Just circle them on your map and you will be fine. There are changing tables, too!
Beyond the canvas and clay: Learning about art at an early age is important in child development! They will be motivated to go home and make their own paintings and sculptures (motor skills). I totally thought about the book, Olivia and how she pretends to be an opera singer and ballerina, then she goes home and makes her own wall painting! Talking about it helps with language development and cultural awareness. I didn’t realize how much you can discuss colors and feelings when you are there (socio-emotional).

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