Travel Town Museum

If you have any train loving kids, Travel Town is perfect for them! There is so much to do in this small out-door museum space. I’ve taken my kids twice and after this last trip, I am definitely going back more often. In 1.5 hours, we rode the train (12 minute trip that loops twice around Travel Town), ran around to see the trains, played inside one, watched the train loop around, and pushed the crossing sign. Next time we are going to have lunch there because they have picnic table with tracks drawn on them, so we can play with our trains while we eat. There are also two large train tracks drawn on the floor so kids can play with their trains. You can easily spend 2 hours here or more depending on what you want to do. I can’t even explain how excited my kids and I were to be here. My kids are high energy so they were able to run around and explore comfortably. I was stress-free and enjoying my time too. I started to follow them on Instagram to see if they have any special events because this place is going to be on rotation for us.

Quick Reference: 

  1. Location: Travel Town Museum – Griffith Park  
  2. Cost: FREE! Parking is also free and super convenient because they have their own lot. Although bring CASH (only) for the train ride, $2.75 per person and anyone under 18 months rides free.
  3. Strollers: Strollers are allowed but keep in mind there is uneven pavement and tracks. The first time I went I took a stroller and I was fine, I was just always looking ahead to see where I can park it.
  4. Restrooms: Yes, they are directly behind the gift shop in the middle of Travel Town
  5. Breastfeeding: There are plenty of benches, and three large grass areas. If you are looking for a quiet and private area there are benches near the train ride.
  6. Food: They don’t sell much and you can find beverages in the gift shop. Definitely bring your own snacks/lunch.
  7. What I wish I knew: We didn’t bring our trains and so we couldn’t take advantage of these awesome tables and floor tracks. There is also a wooden train track inside the learning center. While on our way out, a mom told me that you can borrow them from the gift shop. But I would bring your own just in case they aren’t available. The price for one is $14, but Target has trains for $7.99 so plan accordingly. 

  8. Hidden gem: When you see the crossing sign (see pic below), there is a small silver box so make sure you open it up and have your kids press the button. They will be so excited, their mouths will drop! The crossing sign resets every 3 minutes so you have to wait to press it again. 

  9. Want to party? For a low cost, you can rent a passenger car or picnic benches for your train-themed party! See below:img_3168.jpg

Beyond the tracks: 

I think I need to familiarize myself more with trains. I overheard a dad ask his son if the train they were playing with runs on wood or coal. The answer? It depends on the territory. Who knew? Not me. Anyways it got me thinking that I was stumped by some of the train vocab and I need to learn a bit more to educate my kids. Travel Town is perfect if you want to bring some books on trains and have your kids explore while reading. The train conductors are also really nice and answered some of my basic questions. And if you want to learn the cutest train song that my kids have me singing on repeat here it is! I only know the first verse, I didn’t realize there was more to it!


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