Our third interactive art installation experience!  If you like candy and art come here for some fascinating candy art fixtures. My kids loved it! These types of art installations are perfect for toddlers because they are encouraged to touch, smell, and feel all the art pieces. Want to taste it? Not an option, that’s a lot of germs! But every room does give out candy to help with that temptation. It seemed shorter than the other two we have visited so I was a bit disappointed. Maybe because I felt a little rushed by the workers. But overall it was fun and worth to see my kids experience art in a different and creative medium. And as adults, they have some fun trivia and details about the pieces that is educational for you! Also, I told my husband I am now inspired to do some art crafting with the kids with all of the leftover candy we get from parties, or even from Easter still lying around.C45A4A7E-EF2D-4E2D-A732-293156411707-962-000000761E1B986F

Quick reference:

  1. Cost: Parking came out to $1.25 for 2.5 hours in the structure that Candytopia is located in. The Santa Monica Downtown metro is also walking distance from Candytopia. Tickets are $30, 4-12 $23, and 3 and under free!
  2. Strollers are placed on the side. Based on the parking structure and location it is a very short walk. And chances are your kids are seriously not going to want to sit in a stroller during the exhibit.
  3. Bathrooms are located on the 3rd floor so not in the exhibit. Go potty before you start. There is a family bathroom and nursing station on the 3rd floor of the Santa Monica Place (location).
  4. Candy galore! Our family of 4 left with a large zip-lock bag of candy. So bring a bag where you can stash it.
  5. Take your time through each room! I felt rushed and by the time we thought we were getting into it, it was over!
  6. Explore Santa Monica Place after! We spent another hour hanging out and listening to an awesome violinist who happened to play all genres of music. Plan around lunch or dinner so you can dine at one of the restaurants!

What to bring: bag for candy storage!

What to wear: Not a skirt or a dress! There are a couple of photo opps that you can choose to lay down, jump and the marshmallow pit is fabulous! But not so fabulous if you are showing off too much!

Can’t make it to Candytopia? Bloom is coming up next week for only three days at Griffith Park. It is all about flowers and Sunday is meant for families because they are going to have some extra activities in the morning for children. Interactive art installations seem to be the trend right now, so if you can make it to one just to experience it definitely do it!
Beyond the gummy bears, Nerds, and taffy: Learning about art at an early age is important in child development! They will be motivated to go home and make their own pieces. I always think about the book, Olivia and how she sees a piece, then she goes home and makes her own wall painting! Talking about it helps with language development and cultural awareness. Interactive art installations allows you to touch, smell, and see the pieces and helps children with tactile learning. It also helps increase imagination! Who would have thought to use all of my bags of candy for art? Jackie Sorkin did. I am serious about taking our old candy and making our own candy art! But it goes to show how your child’s brain is processing everything.

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