LA Live Steamers Railroad Museum

I found the LA Live Steamers Railroad Museum on accident while attending the Bloom event at Griffith Park. I take my kiddos to Travel Town and never knew about the other two trains in the park. This is a small museum that I would recommend visiting if you are going to visit other places in Griffith Park. There is a fabulous train ride that last about 10 minutes. The only requirement is that you have be 36 inches tall so consider this height requirement if you are bringing toddlers. There is also a nice miniature train display that allows you to push two separate buttons and watch the trains go around a city. I found a single picnic bench nearby that allows us to watch the train go by while we had lunch.

Quick reference: 

  • This museum is only opened on Sundays from 11am-3pm so plan your trip accordingly
  • Parking is located across the street
  • Tickets are $3 per person (cash or credit)
  • They sell toy trains for $4.
  • Come visit them in October when they turn into a ghost town and offer a spooky train ride! During this month they are opened Friday-Sunday. I heard from another parent to come early (they open at 6pm) because there can be a 45 minute wait time! It is supposed to be amazing, so I am looking forward to riding it. Check out the video below! I can definitely vision how it will look on Halloween!
  • Coordinate your visit so you can visit Walt Disney’s Barn which is located next door to the Live Steamers. It is open the third Sunday of each month from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM! This is the barn Walt Disney used to work on his model trains and it showcases different trains.
  • There is also the Southern Railroad located on the other side of Griffith Park. I have yet to visit but I also heard is awesome to ride! They decorate for Christmas and offer a Holiday Lights Festival Ride starting after Thanksgiving!


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