Underwood Family Farm

I can’t believe it took me a year to finally visit Underwood Family Farm (Moorpark, CA) since everyone in the area raves about it. It is an affordable trip for the family and an awesome playdate spot. If you have older kids attending during the fall or spring festival is a great idea. There is so much to do that we actually didn’t get through the whole farm. Most of the farm is free with a couple of things that require tickets that you can purchase when you purchase your entry ($3 weekday, $6 weekend per person). I purchased $20 worth of tickets and only used half for a jumper, and a bee ride. I don’t even think that pictures or the website really paint how magical this farm is! Here is what we did:

  • played in their enclosed play structure with a sand box, wooden bus, playhouse, and a giant pumpkin. You can also feed goats at this site (free, feed the goats for $.25)
  • Jumped in the jumper (required tix)
  • Bee tractor ride (required tix)
  • Slide down the large tractor slide (free)
  • Played in the tunnels and wooden train and truck. There are other structures scattered in the farm (free)
  • fed the chickens and checked out the chicks (free, $.25)
  • picked strawberries in the fields (pay by the lb)
  • explored the farmers market

Now this is half of what they offer! Next time I will definitely go a bit earlier to pick some fresh veggies and explore the petting zoo.

Quick reference: 

  • Parking? Yes, it is free and easy
  • Stroller access? Yes, throughout the entire farm although I would recommend not to bring it in! Why? There are fabulous wagons to push and pull! I wish I knew, next time I will put them in the wagon if they get tired. For the most part they love to pull the wagon themselves and its a nice change. The entrance is literally near the parking lot so you don’t have to walk far to get a wagon.
  • Bathroom accessibility? Yes, there are porto potties scattered around the farm. I was a little turned off at first, maybe this is the reason I was hesitant to go. But I was so wrong to limit myself from this trip because of the bathroom situation. They aren’t bad and they actually all have kid portable tops that you put on top of the porto potty so they won’t fall in. It was fabulous! And they have portable sinks to wash your hands. We were totally fine. I actually liked that they were scattered around so it made it really easy to find one wherever we were.IMG_4904
  • There is an amazing nursing/changing station in the first play structure on the right side near the entrance. IMG_4967
  • Bring quarters or ask at the entrance! I didn’t realize feeding the animals require quarters because thats the only way you get food for them. This is a part of the experience so I was bummed I didn’t have many quarters to maximize our feeding experience.
  • The strawberry fields are pretty far so if you walk to the end of the farm (tractor trail) you will hit some shade so walking to the end doesn’t feel so rough.
  • BUY THE KETTLE CORN COLORED POPCORN! Do you remember how Fruity Pebbles taste like? You won’t just buy one bag but two. I went back once I tried it and stocked up. These popcorn bags are located at the farmers market near the entrance and they are $5 a bag. The attendants can give you little brown bags so you can spread the popcorn love.IMG_4968
  • Too far from Underwood Family Farm or not on your way to Santa Barbara or Pismo Beach? There is Tanaka Farm that is located in Irvine for all my Orange County families. I am sure the experience is the same or similar.

Learning more than just animal sounds at the farm: 

Visiting a farm is so enriching on many levels. If you decide to go veggie and fruit picking you can discuss the process of food supply from the farm to table. We interact with nature and learn about farming and what animals do to sustain our living.


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