The Kids’ Adventure Garden

The cutest little garden I ever did see! It is Alice in Wonderland meets Mermaid Island and makes me wish I never grew up! Located in Thousand Oaks in the Botanical Gardens of Conejo Valley, this play area is perfect for toddlers. It is adorable and my kids loved it. There’s music on the first Sunday of every month which we took advantage of. Since it was hot we only stayed in this area, but once it cools down we will be visiting the rest of the botanical gardens. I recommend going if you have an hour or two to spare and you want a quick and fun trip. I really like that they educate you on nature and insects so you learn while playing. If you are a little anxious about venturing on your own with two toddlers or you have a newborn and you are adjusting, this is a great spot to try out a new venture on your own! It is small enough to explore and it is not crowded at all.

Quick reference:

Cost: Free! But it is only open on Sundays from 11am-3pm.

Parking: Free and across from the Adventure Garden

Restrooms: Next to the parking lot, so you will need to leave the garden to use the restroom. They are decent and clean but there isn’t a changing table. So I had to change my 1 year old in the car.

Activities? Music on the first Sunday of the month. We loved the musicians! They consider themselves Americana genre and they provide tidbits of information in between songs. Want to water plants? If you get there right when they open, they let you water the plants. We got there a little too late so we have to do this next time. There is a tree house, a tea party, and a pirates cove to play in. Animal statues are scattered around the garden to use during pretend play! They have a small water mister when you enter but not enough during a hot day. I brought my own spray bottle and it definitely helped us!



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