Zuma Beach – Malibu

Zuma Beach is our new go-to beach for the family! It is a perfect location to see some sea life, take a stroller (if you need to), and spend the day with your family. We loved that there is a short distance from the sand to the water so you don’t have to walk far like at larger beaches. When you have two toddlers and bags to carry, short distance is best! My husband and I agreed that what we liked the best was that the lifeguards were actively on duty, and there were police jeeps on watch. For some people this might be annoying, but for us we felt like if anything were to happen in the water someone was also watching us for help! The lifeguards even gave our kids a demonstration of the rescue buoy! There’s also a ton of vehicle activity so the kids loved seeing helicopters, jeeps, and lifeguard boats!

Quick reference:

Parking – There’s a parking fee of $15 during the weekend, but you can also park for free on the street leading to the Sunset Restaurant. I would prefer that option near lifeguard tower 1.

Restrooms – This was the first thing I looked around for when we got there. When you have potty-trained toddler there’s a limited amount of minutes that you have to find a restroom. There are several scattered.

What to pack? Sunscreen, towels, toys, water and snacks! There’s a food shack but we didn’t try it. I preferred to take my own snacks and lunch! We ended up investing in a beach tent and we are planning on taking it with us during our next beach trip. We practiced putting it back together and it is super easy! I wanted a tent I can carry, set-up and down on my own if I decided to venture to a beach on my own with my kids.


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