Wildlife Learning Center

I can’t believe not a lot of people know about this hidden gem in Sylmar! It is an awesome animal rescue center for displaced wild animals! This is a perfect place if you want a low-key outing and you are short on time. We stayed for a good 1-1.5 hrs. and had plenty of shade in this LA heat wave. We met so many animals and even got to pet a snake! I loved that it felt so intimate and we got to see the animals so close and personal. Parrots were above us in the open, and monkeys were so close we can see details on their face. The animal encounter starts at 11am, so you can meet a reptile. I was so sad to read how some of the animals were mistreated or injured prior to their rescue but I was happy to know there are places like the Wildlife Learning Center that are helping them! We definitely enjoyed this experience! I found a couple of other places to visit similar to here: Moorpark Zoo (Moorpark), Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary (Summerland, Santa Barbara), and Free Flight (Del Mar, San Diego)

Quick reference: 

Fee? $12 for adults, $10 for children (15 and under), free for 2 and under

Parking? Yes, they have a small parking lot and parking outside of the lot. I went early and there was plenty

Bathroom accessible? There is a portable bathroom, so it isn’t ideal for toddlers or babies. So I would opt for making sure they go before and since we only stayed for an hour I was fine.

Snacks available? They sell a small amount of snacks (animal crackers and a couple of other things) in the bungalow where you purchase tickets. So definitely bring your own snacks or lunch.

Where can I eat/nurse? There is a nice section of tables in the center near the monkeys and in the beginning where you enter.

What else is around Sylmar? I am starting to love this area. Donas (most delicious donuts ever) announced that they will be opening up a shop here! Discovery Cube LA, and El Cariso Park are two awesome spots to visit! I figured if you are coming from afar knock out some of these places in one day!




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