Kidspace – Pasadena

Kidspace is a wonderful place that targets all parts of learning – art, nature, STEM, and music. There is seriously so much to do that we were actually here longer than expected. I wanted to maximize our experience since we don’t have a membership. There are indoor activities that range from storytelling, art, computer science, climbing to outdoor activities that focus on physics, gardening, water-based, musical instruments and more climbing. I love that they have books scattered everywhere so you can pick up a book and read about insects, or rocks and minerals. My eldest son loved that in the digital room they were teaching him about green screen using safari animals, sea life, and dinosaurs. He was able to put on green gloves and move the animals around while watching himself on the big screen. There is a lot of movement involved here so if you need your kid to shake plenty of their sillies out visit Kidspace! (side note: my eldest son never naps, well he napped for 2 hours after this trip) The Physics Forest allows you to immerse your body in their experiments. My 1 year old was getting frustrated because he wanted to do a lot of pulling and pushing on his own, but didn’t have enough strength and was getting mad because I had to help him. There is a stream that you can walk through and splash around in both pools on each end. This is a perfect place to come to during the summer. Just expect to get dirty because not only will your kids be dirty but you will too!

Quick reference: 

Ticket fees? $14 for anyone over 1 years old, $12 if you have AAA, and EBT card holders $3!! If you live closer I would recommend getting a membership.

Parking is free and easily accessible.

Hangry toddlers and parents? The cafe offers some yummy food! The food is fresh and the prices are descent. I haven’t had a tarragon chicken wrap in forever and I definitely loved this one. And my kids loved their mac and cheese, grilled cheese and their chocolate chip cookies. You can also bring your own lunch and snacks.

Restrooms? There are two restrooms (located near the cafe and the water area). They are easy to get to and accessible.

Breastfeeding options? They have Mamava which I have only seen in at the Oakland airport and it is amazing for my breastfeeding mamas! It is a pod that allows you to nurse or pump.


Bring your own ibuprofen – Unlike Disneyland, you have to bring your own ibuprofen even when you get hurt on one of their apparatuses. They do provide ice packs. I banged my head pretty badly when I was helping my toddler down one of their climbing apparatuses. I ended up with a headache. 😦

You will get dirty! Bring a towel, extra pair of clothes, water and water shoes! This list is for you, the parent!!!! I was running all over the place and I was always thirsty. My toddler needed help in the stream, so I had to go barefoot. I wished I brought my sandals. And right next to the water area is a mud and clay area so of course you know I was splattered in mud and clay. But to be honest, as tiring as it sounds, I had so much fun! I just wish someone told me to bring all of these items for myself. Being prepared would have made me less anxious.

Bring another adult if you have two mobile toddlers: Although it is an awesome interactive experience for both child and parent, I think you need a 1:1 child to parent ratio to visit. I was outnumbered by two toddlers with different abilities so one wanted to climb these elaborate courses and the other was too small to to it. One child wanted to launch balls while the other wanted to make a rollercoaster. Since the space is divided into three sections, each section is out in the open so you can see what is available to experiment with. It was difficult to keep my eyes on both kids. I was so glad that my oldest had on a neon yellow shirt so I can spot him easily. It is very much doable with two older kids, or a toddler and an infant, but two mobile toddlers is difficult. So when you visit, bring another adult to help!





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