Skirball Cultural Center

Skirball Cultural Center is an awesome place for our toddlers! I loved it so much I ended up getting a membership (tax deductible too). I managed to get there at the tail end of the Jim Henson exhibit. Skirball is known for their Noah’s Arc experience that allows children to play inside the boat by crawling and climbing the perimeter, and a pretend play experience. Each animal is up-cycled using everyday items so it is fascinating to see how each animal was created. In addition to the exhibits and Noah’s Arc, there is a Family’s Art Studio that hosts projects aligned with the exhibit theme that are definitely age appropriate for our toddlers! We made puppets since the Jim Henson exhibit was going on at that time. But if you want to take advantage of the art studio, visit during the weekend when they are open. There is Musica Para Todos on Sundays at 11:15 in the amphitheater that is amazing because children are exposed to different musical instruments and the Spanish language via song. We ended up staying and having our lunch at the amphitheater. We were there for 4 hours and only went through two exhibits, participated in music and the art project. I still have to explore a whole other side to this cultural center. They have other events and festivals lined up so if you plan to visit check out their website for additional information. I would maximize your visit when they are hosting a popular exhibit or festival. But if you live nearby, I would suggest getting a membership because it is worth it! I will be taking my toddlers to Noah’s Arc during the week because they loved it so much! I keep thinking about this museum and wondering what makes it so special and wow’d me. I like that they offer a variety of activities for my kids and they are culturally diverse in their exhibits, activities and performances. They allow the kids to engage in the pieces via all senses which makes this museum very kid-friendly! And you want your children to have a positive association to museums and art so this is the perfect place to visit.

Quick reference: 

Fee: Adult tickets are $12, $7 for children 2-12, $9 for seniors, students and children over 12. There are some times that you can go for free: Thursdays, and if you are a Bank of America card holder, the first weekend of the month. And if you are an EBT card holder all you need to do is show your card and an ID for free entrance.

Parking: FREE!!! There are two parking lots that are easily accessible.

Hangry children options: There is a restaurant inside the museum and a grab and go directly outside of the restaurant. I opted to take my own lunch and eat outside in the amphitheater. But I did buy cookies, and I have to highlight that their chocolate chip cookies are so good!

Bathroom accessibility: There are restrooms within distance of getting your potty dancing toddler quickly to a restroom.

Can I bring a stroller? Yes! There are elevators and spaces to park your stroller. I’d recommend bringing a stroller.

Check their website before visiting: Mondays they are closed! And it tends to get packed the last weekend that an exhibition is closing. Also, look for any activities so you maximize your visit!

Well-rounded learning experience: I love that this place encourages you to use all of your senses and they are friendly to all learners and diverse communities. I felt my neurons being stimulated while we engaged in so many activities. Noah’s Arc alone focuses on community building, teamwork, STEAM, movement, and imagination. Some additional key elements include music, movement, art, science,  empathy, community, diversity which I appreciate here because it provides us with a well-rounded learning experience.



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