Valentine’s Day Family Activities

Valentine’s Day can be fun and loving for the whole family. As I was helping to co-host my first Mamahood Adventures event, I thought about traditional and unique Valentine’s Day activities available around SoCal for all families. I also thought about why I grew to love Valentine’s Day. Children need to feel love but also learn how to reciprocate their love and appreciation for others. Valentine’s Day is a concrete way to talk about love and friendship. So I have a list of ideas that you can do with your littles during the month of February to celebrate love and friendship. Do you know of anything going on around your area? Send me a message or a link so I can post it!

  1. Arts and Crafts is a good way to bond with your family. You can leave and feel successful in completing a craft/art piece together! This can be therapeutic for the whole family, too! Here are a couple of places that you can visit!
    1. Craft Bar (Woodland Hills) – This craft bar just opened in Woodland Hills! It comes with a base character (ceramic, plush, wood), paint, and accessories! This is a perfect place to bring your kids for a bonding experience.
    2. Color it In (Uptown Whittier) – Create a fun Valentine’s themed canvas painting at Color it In (formally known as Art with Sara)! I have been meaning to try this place out because they offer classes for a skill levels and fun painting parties!!VDayBear
    3. Craft at home – (home sweet home) – Another option especially since Valentine’s Day lands on a weekday is to craft at home! Take a trip to Michaels, Dollar Tree, Joann’s, or 99 Cent Store and stock up on crafts. They usually sell Valentine’s Day themed canvas or wooden crafts. Michael’s always has a sale on their holiday crafts! It can be as simple as getting construction paper, markers, and stickers and have your child make Valentine’s Day cards for people they care about. Read “Pete the Cat’s Valentine’s Day Is Cool” if you want to add a theme book to the mix since it is about him making everyone Valentine’s Day cards.
  2. Cook/bake together – Cooking together is a great bonding event if you are willing to get a little messy. My occupational therapist suggested baking and cooking are good to teach kids about sequencing, plus they get there fine motor exercise in by helping cut or mix etc. We have special cutting knives for the boys. Some simple items we have made together include pizza, cookies, sandwiches, pasta, pancakes, muffins, fruit salads, and cutting veggies to bake them! img_3533
  3. Heart-pumping activities – Want an interactive bonding experience? Get moving together!
    1. Jump Gym (Woodland Hills, 10am-noon, Free for members, $15 for non-members) – I have partnered up with my local gymnastics studio to host a Valentine’s Day event! Children and parent will get moving together with Valentine’s themed obstacles, parachute, bounce house, storytelling, photo props and a variety of take home party favors!
    2. Fit4Mom – Your local Fit4Mom will probably have some fun Valentine’s Day themed activity or sing along during your workout! My local one is offering a kissing booth photo session! Try one out this week with your littles. Just enter your location in their finder and you can find the closest Fit4Mom near you!
    3. Pinterest has a ton of activities to do (and cheap to make) as a family. We made this running activity with hearts by following PlayingWithChanel (Instagram). Other ideas include writing movement phrases (ex. jump like a frog, hop like a bunny) on hearts and have the kids pick one and do it. You can also play musical hearts by placing hearts on the floor and removing one by one similar to musical chairs. img_3677
  4. Watch a movie – Snuggle in or go out and watch a movie together!
    1. El Capitan is hosting Lady and the Tramp from February 11-18. El Capitan always does something special an hour before showtime! But this is a perfect outing on Valentine’s Day!img_3691-1
    2. Netflix for the win!! Netflix is offering Valentine’s Day themed movies/shows so you can watch with them family! Parents magazine also came out with a list of family friendly movies to watch! So there are plenty out there to watch with the family.
  5. Story time – Not only are you bonding, but you are increase literacy skills and learning about love and friendship by reading together.
    1. Los Angeles Public Library – the libraries are hosting Valentine’s Day story time and crafts. Check your local branch or city library for story telling times. For example, The Playa Vista branch is hosting a Valentine’s Day card craft table on Valentine’s Day.
    2. Barnes and Nobles – They always host storytelling at your nearest Barnes and Noble. Check your local one for your storytelling time! allyouneedislove.jpg
    3. Story time at home – Either purchase or borrow Valentine’s themed books from the library. Set some hearts up, bake some cookies and craft it up while you read some stories together.

      Here is Ms. Mary reading a Valentine’s Day themed book!
  6. Special events 
    1. Pretend City, $13.75,11am-4pm, Irvine – If you haven’t tried Pretend City it is an awesome place that is literally what it’s called a pretend city for children to play in. There’s a mini Trader Joes, a bank, garden, doctor clinic, and other pretend places that is so much for fun for kids. They are having a themed activities on Thursday, Feb 14th! There will be a special story time, sweet treats to help build a tower (STEM related), and arts and crafts. RSVP not needed.

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