Cake Monkey Bakery

I’ve been searching high and low for a high quality bakery that also has vegan or gluten-free options. Then Cake Monkey Bakery came into my life!  Thank you for inviting me and the kids over to try your cakes and pastries! Everything was delicious and kid-approved because my four year old literally tried all the samples and said, “I like them all!” And he’s right. I tried the gluten-free and vegan options, as well as the Easter and Passover selections and they were all moist and rich in flavor. I couldn’t even tell the difference between the gluten-free chocolate cookie or the regular one. The ingredients are made in-house so you are getting some quality pastries such as their triple berry layered cake. I also like the available sizes for sharing with your toddlers! In my opinion, the mini layered cakes are perfect for four toddlers or two adults. They are so cute and perfect for a dessert table like their confetti cake or raspberry red velvet cake. There are also larger cake options if you are planning a birthday party or wedding.

I’m all about searching for places that are kid-friendly with quick service when you have toddlers. The Westlake Village location offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options. So now I know if I want to go somewhere for breakfast and not worry about a long wait, I can come here and everyone will be happy. I’m eyeing that paleo chocolate granola with almond yogurt! The Westlake Village location is close to the freeway so it can be a simple exit away when you are stuck in traffic or coming from a park. The Los Angeles location is a mile away from LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits so it is easy to get to after an adventure with your kids.

I met one of the owners, Elizabeth Belkind, and she is so passionate about what she does. Besides being amazing and approachable, she also has a toddler. So she knows what our kids like and what our parents need. While talking to her about her recipes, I was taking bites of the coconut macaroons or pastel mini moguls. I couldn’t help but taste the love she puts into each pastry and cake. From the smallest macaroon to a slice of vegan triple chocolate loaf, the detail that goes into making one is perfection. Maybe a teaspoon of love is the secret ingredient that separates the good bakeries from the great ones!


During the holidays, Cake Monkey Bakery comes out with different specials so always check their website for updates. Here are the Easter and Passover specials!!! 

Passover, available now in stores and for pre-order:
  • Passover “Crack” (matzoh brittle with toffee, roasted pecans, dark chocolate and sea salt) – $9 for 6oz / $15.76 for 12oz
  • Wake Monkeys (flourless chocolate pecan sandwich cookies filled with coffee buttercream) – $3.25/each
  • Coconut Macaroons – $1.50/each (available starting 4/18 in stores and for pre-order)

Easter (available 4/12 and 4/17):

  • Easter Bunny Sugar Cookies – $3.50/each (available 4/12 in stores and pre-order)
  • Pastel Mini Cakes (triple berry mini layer cakes available with pastel pink, yellow, or lavender frosting) – $7.50/each (available starting 4/17 in stores and for pre-order)
  • Pastel Mini Moguls (vanilla cakes with homemade caramel filling, marshmallow frosting and toasted coconut; available with pastel pink, yellow, lavender or green frosting) – $2.50/each (available starting 4/17 in stores and for pre-order)

Play kitchen, playdoh and pastries? My four year old was so excited and inspired after his visit that he decided to go straight to his play kitchen to bake. He took his easter eggs and used them as a mold for his playdoh to make mini Easter egg cakes. Any adventure for us is also a learning opportunity.

Quick reference:

Where is Cake Monkey Bakery? There are two locations: Westlake Village, 2805 Agoura Rd. and Los Angeles, 7807 Beverly Blvd. Can’t make it to either location? You can still order and pick up at their distribution center in North Hollywood!

Any allergies? There are several gluten-free or vegan options that you can choose from. Call ahead for orders or questions. img_6314

Dessert table on your mind? Cake Monkey Bakery can custom make a dessert table spread for you!


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