Scootie Gootz

Indoor play spaces are essential especially when you live in the valley or any other location that will hit over 100 degrees in the summer. I’m still waiting, but I know the heat is coming. Anyways, I like to look for smaller places where my kids can run around but I can still keep an eye on them, and they have a safe space to do so. I found it at Scootie Gootz – an indoor play space that provides open play, classes, activities and party services. It is directly located off Valley Circle on the 101 freeway in Woodland Hills. There is a variety of options for the kids inside the play structure – slides, ball pit, trampoline, tunnels and a swing. I love that it caters to a variety of sensory needs, too.

Scootie Gootz happened to be one of the first indoor playgrounds I experienced since I moved into the valley. Over the course of the year, the owners added a ton of other experiences that benefit a child emotionally, cognitively and socially. I love that they offer music classes, character parties, and activities on a variety of themes such as science and holiday crafting. I love their character parties!! The kids meet some of their favorite characters without having to go all the way to an amusement park or pay a fortune to see them. This accessibility for all families is nice to have because it is affordable. After attending the Avengers and PJ Mask parties, I instantly felt like I was in a birthday party and I thought how nice it will be to host a party here.

The best part is that open play is included when you sign up for these opportunities. When I look for memberships or opportunities for my littles, I want to find places that offer a wide variety of opportunities for them. So when I see all of these options, I want my boys to experience them while providing a space for them to shake their sillies out.

What else do they provide? Community – With the amount of activities that go on here, I can’t help but think of the word: community. The owners are so friendly that it trickles down to the staff, activities and families. Every week there is a new activity to try or a recurring one like their sing-a-long with Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman on Wednesdays (which is now on my summer bucket list). This helps to establish an ongoing community so the times I have gone, I’ve seen the same families and some of them I interact with regularly now when I see them here or on social media. During the character events, we turned it into a playdate for my boys and their classmates. Playdates are also encouraged and this is a perfect spot to host one!

Quick reference: 

Location: Woodland Hills, off Valley Circle exit off the 101 Fwy. Literally, off the freeway! If you don’t happen to live nearby you can still make the visit. This is the perfect pit stop if you are stuck in traffic, on your way up north or south of LA!

Fee/membership: $12 standard entrance, $9 additional siblings, events will be extra but the open play is included. For example, character parties are $20 which is awesome because it includes the character meet and greet, open play, pizza, and cupcakes! Weekends are usually reserved for private parties so just call to confirm.

Hangry toddlers: Snacks are available for purchase or if you bring your own there are tables to sit and eat.

Birthday parties: Packages are available if you want to host a party here! Mobile services are also available so you can leave the decorating to them!

Music classes: Sign up for a Wednesday sing-a-long with Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men (preferred age: 0-4), 10am and 10:45am time slots.





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