Zulay Kitchen – Bento Box

I love supporting smaller businesses and I am glad that I was able to partner with Zulay Kitchen to highlight their Bento Box. School is starting this week and I have been nervous anticipating my oldest will start transitional kindergarten and my youngest will begin pre-school. I created a list of to-do’s to prepare us for school. One of them was to find a bento box that is affordable, reliable and just the right amount of space for my two and five year old. There are so many bento boxes to choose from so why the Zulay Kitchen brand? So I gave it a go for a good week to make sure it was going to be the right fit for us.

Bento box details: It comes in the color blue, with a spork. There are five compartments, one being longer than the rest and that one I can fit a sandwich and another item. One side has the Zulay Kitchen logo and on the other a blank side so you can draw or add stickers to. It can fit nicely in a lunch bag and it is easy to snap off and on.


Here are my top 5 reasons why this bento box works for us: 

  1. OT anyone? This bento box is perfect for children going through Occupational Therapy (OT) and need support with latches. Both my two and four year old were able to open and close it on their own. I love this because it gives them the confidence they need and allow them to begin to eat rather than wait for assistance. So if you have a child who needs additional support with fine motor or hand-eye coordination, place a sticker on the latches so they have the visual cue where to open. But my son figured out that the blank side (or in our case, picture) is the side that needs to be faced up. The spork also adds additional support because it is easily available to him rather than asking for utensils in a bag. img_1590
  2. Drawing 101 – I love to draw! And my son loves to see different drawings so this works out well for us. As I mentioned, there is a side to draw on or bedazzle with stickers. And since every school wants you to label every single item, individualizing the blank side lets teachers quickly see who owns this box. img_1553
  3. Five Perfect Compartments – We tend to think that kids eat or should eat a lot. They don’t, so when I sampled a couple of food options with my son we used the bento box to help us visualize how much we should put in the box. I can seriously fit everything he wanted in there. There are two tiny compartments for a dip, candy, or cookie. But I used it to stack up baby carrots and cheese and it worked out perfectly. The middle compartments allow for a Hawaiian roll sandwich, fruit and veggies. There is one long compartment and that can fit a hotdog, juice box, pouch, sandwich or multiple smaller items. But I purposefully rearranged the pictures below so you can see how you can fit it to your need.
  4. It Fits Everywhere – We go everywhere from parks, beaches, therapies to amusement parks, hospitals and venues and this week wasn’t different. So there were several times I had to change my bag to backpack or ask the boys to bring their activity or swim bag. Since we snack and eat on the go most of the time, I need to make sure we have everything ready. The bento box allowed me to hold all the boys snacks in a clean and easy manner. I could quickly moved it from one bag to another without having to have loose snack bags everywhere. I loved that the bento box can fit in the boys lunch bags where I keep their morning snack and water bottle, while also loving that it fits perfectly in my bags too. img_1664
  5. Mom’s Snacks –  I am going to get another one for myself because it’s perfect for my snacks for the day. I was a huge snack person and I was overeating. After enrolling in a rigorous workout, I realized that I needed to calm down on the snacking, so having a bento box in this size helps to portion out snacks and it gives me a visual to see how much I am eating.



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