The Proud Bird

Have you ever wanted to comfortably dine out with your toddlers and school-aged kids with a bar and playground on site while watching planes descend every 2 minutes? I’ve got the place just for you – The Proud Bird located near LAX. This place is amazing and I am so happy the kids and I got to attend it’s grand opening. If I was excited to see the planes so close, can you imagine how my kids were feeling?

So what is this place all about? It is a newly renovated food hall that offers six different stations with a variety of cuisines that are delicious and appealing to all of your senses (Bludso’s BBQ, Burgers, Asian, Italian and American).

The Mile High Club Bar is located in the center of the Proud Bird and offers wine, beer and cocktails. And if you didn’t catch this during my introduction I will repeat it, there is a playground on site! Let your kids play while you sip on your drink and enjoy your meal. Oh wait, two minutes into your visit and you see a plane landing? Yes, this is amazing and will forever be my new go-to spot in LA.

And if you are a museum mama like me, you will love that your kids can learn through their interactive aviation exhibit.

My favorite part of this experience was watching the planes while we were eating. The booths are on the window side and if you have a toddler you know you need to sit in a booth to keep them from wondering. But to be honest this wasn’t an issue because my kids were watching the planes. You don’t need to bring any form of entertainment because the planes serve this purpose. Additionally, there are ten visible planes on the ground that we used to count while waiting for our food. You know the educator in me had to find a way to incorporate a learning activity into our visit. I also used this opportunity to ask some inferencing questions such as “I wonder where this plane is coming from?” I am happy to say we had a great dining experience.

Quick reference:

Parking? Yes, a parking lot is on site and huge so you will always find parking.


Reservations required? Not at all. Upon entering, you have the opportunity to view the exhibit, go straight to the dining stations, bar or playground. Feel free to explore and soak up this awesome place. And if you decide to visit during sunset, the view is beautiful. See this unfiltered photo.


Should I bring a stroller? I didn’t need to because everything is so close and my kids were so excited when they saw the playground that they wanted to walk. However, an elevator is available and the place is stroller friendly.

What can my children eat? Everything! If my picky-eater liked the mac and cheese, your kid will too! There is something for everyone and a couple of children’s menu items. I recommend their apple lemonade because it was seriously the best lemonade I’ve had. For some reason I kept thinking this drink summarizes Los Angeles’ weather because it’s hot in the fall but you still want to enjoy an apple flavored beverage. They do switch up their lemonade flavors every now and then but they are all great options.

Changing station? Yes, there is a changing station in the restroom for your littles.

Want to have an aviation-themed party? I want to have MY birthday party here! This is a great place to have a party since the entertainment is provided and the food is excellent. There are six different banquet halls to choose from. And if you plan to have a party of 30 or more guests, call Special Events for more information.

Sunday plans? The Proud Bird now offers an all-you-can-eat dining experience every Sunday from 11am-3pm. The price is $29.95 for adults and $19.95 for children 5 to 12 years old, 4 and under are free. MOMosa anyone? Get unlimited mimosas for $12.95. How awesome does this sound? I am going to do this next time we go because I literally wanted to try something from each station.


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