Picasso Tiles 3-D Magic Puzzle Cube

The holidays are quickly approaching and I have a couple of littles in my extended family I need to buy a gift for. The boys and I were excited to receive the Picasso Tiles 3-D Magic Puzzle Cube . Thank you Picasso Tiles for this sponsored product. It is perfect in so many ways and affordable if you are on a budget. It cost $12.99 so it is perfect if you are looking for a gift under $20, just pair it with a zoo book! So what can this puzzle cube do? Here are four reasons this is the perfect holiday gift for a child.

  1. Grow With Me – It will grow with a child so you will get a longer use out of it. We all know that blocks are an essential toy for a child. There is so much learning going on such as stacking. I love these for younger children because the cubes actually rattle. A parent can help put the puzzle cube together and help the child identify one of the six zoo animals. And as they get older, they can form the puzzle on their own, and begin to engage in dialogue. img_0586
  2. Travel Toy – It is the perfect size for traveling and keeping it in your bag when you go to dinner or to an excursion. I love that it fits in my bag and I can take it with us to a waiting room or restaurant. I also love that it is magnetic so you can contain the pieces together.
  3. Speech Support – When I was helping my son complete the puzzle, I would ask him to look for a foot, mouth, a long neck, a short tail, eyes etc. This helps with language development. We even work on color recognition, “find all the sides with an orange background, or a green animal.”
  4. Planning to gift an experience? This is a great gift alongside a zoo ticket or zoo membership. Allow the child to take this puzzle to the zoo and help match the animals. Add a book to the mix, and you have a great holiday or birthday present.




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