eWonderWorld Toys Review

For three months, my boys and I have had the opportunity to review eWonderWorld toys. And we are still going strong! After being that parent who bought every toy a speech or occupational therapists suggested, I realized the good toys are the ones that are classics and never go out of style. In our case, our kids continue to play with them. This is the case with eWonderWorld toys. They carry non-toxic foam blocks, ball pits, tunnels and tents, drones, small and large tiles, and cornhole games. The versatility of each one allows us to play indoor and outdoor with them, while also using them for other daily activities such as working out. So I have listed a couple of ways you can use these toys/mats during play. And since the holidays are quickly approaching I wanted to make sure you learn a little more about this company and what they provide.


Based in San Gabriel (Los Angeles County) I had the pleasure of touring the eWonderWorld site. Their products are non-toxic and are great quality. The mats are thicker and I actually can use them to work out. The balls don’t lose their shape, so even if you squeeze them, they go back to their original shape. And they don’t deflate, it has been three months and the quality has remained the same. The same goes for our blocks and mats, they still look like new although they have had their share of outdoor use.

So let’s talk about the specifics of each toy. I’ll give you a run down of the products that we play with and why I like them so much! There’s also a direct link to them on Amazon so if you want to check out specifics or alternative reviews.

Non-Toxic Foam Blocks –  These are classic toys that will grow with your child. For littles, use them to teach shapes, colors, sorting and stacking. These are perfect for playdates, I took them to a FIT4MOM workout where our children ages range from infants to preschoolers and both groups were playing with them. As your child grows, they can be use for imaginative play. I keep some of them in the trunk because no matter where we go, I can carry them and the boys will use our current excursion as an inspiration to play with them. Need a train station? Looking for furniture for your action figures? Use the foam blocks, it is that simple. My boys have used them to recreate a zoo, or a doctors office. And did you know that they are waterproof? We take ours into the bath and they stick to the wall or stick to each other. You can also use shaving cream to hold the blocks together and then wash it off. They are seriously amazing!



Extra Large Thick Floor Tiles and Interlocking Alphabet and Number Mats – If I would create an essential list of items that a child needs during their first year, these mats would be included. There’s more to them than just a floor mat and learning your alphabet/numbers. I love we can use them for 3D boxes, hopscotch, and playdates! They are lifesavers if you use them as a flat mat while you have carpet. This helps make it easier for your kids to play with cars and I use them while we play with playdough so that our carpet won’t get dirty.  My kids once used them to build a two-story house for their figurines and the interlocking sides were sturdy and perfect.  And speaking of interlocking, my boys are practicing some fine motor work having to lock tiles together to create the box they wanted for their tossing game. Also, I bring them to my playdates so the kids can play hopscotch! Lastly, I forgot my yoga mat for a workout and I was glad I had the thick floor tiles at hand because it was perfect for my workouts.

Colorful Lawn Game Cornhole Toss Zone – I love how eWonderWorld has come out with a cornhole toss zone game for younger kids because it is proportioned to their size. I have used it to help support my son in some gross motor work, so practicing tossing a ball into the hole. We have made an obstacle course using this game, especially now that it is going to get cold and rainy outside. We need to make our obstacle course fun and this definitely works. I love how I can fold the game back up and put it away so it doesn’t get bulky especially if you have a small space such as myself. We used this cornhole during my son’s birthday party. We added stickers to it so it was in theme and it worked out perfectly.

Pop Up Ball Pit Portable Playpen – There’s no question that I am constantly out and about with my kids. I run playdates and attend FIT4MOM at local parks so this is the perfect playpen to take along with me. Look at the picture and see how it folds into this tiny bag? How is this possible? And it is really easy to fold back up. I can literally fit it in a bag and pop it up in a matter of seconds. I love bringing balls or foam blocks into the ball pit because kids can play forever. This is a great obstacle course station as well as sensory related for our littles. You can also make it educational by hiding puzzle pieces or animals inside the ball pit and have your child pull out a piece/animal and name it. I loved using it during one of our birthday parties because the kids had a blast. It also spans across different ages so taking it to my FIT4MOM workouts has helped keep the kids entertained while us mamas workout. And if you get this pop up playpen you need to get the balls too! They are perfect for identifying colors and are crush free!

I hope this helped identify some amazing toys you can buy for your littles or relatives. Along with providing you with some ideas on how to play with a variety of eWonderWorld toys. We all know kids are putting everything in their mouths so it gives me peace of mind that these toys are non-toxic. Overall, these toys have been easy to clean, use and are mom and kid-friendly because they are easy to use and put away. So gift your kids or your mama friends a toy that they will love and keep for a very long time.

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