Mark the Shark – Cortex Toys

Do you have a great nighttime routine? We finally have established a regular routine that feels good for all of us. For over a year, my oldest has dealt with night terrors and my youngest wanted to co-sleep. So I have been focused on finding a great evening routine to help them both transition successfully. My little one would say that he was scared of the dark, and so I wanted to make sure that they both felt safe and try to change their perception of lights out.

Cue in Mark the Shark, the night buddy by Cortex Toys that has glowing eyes when you hug him. When we first got him, they both wanted to sleep with him because he was so cool. This was our first stuffed animal with light up eyes and they loved him. I wondered if he would eventually be tossed to the side like the rest or if he would permanently make his way into the favorites. Of course, he is currently sleeping with both of them. He makes his way to our bedtime story time, and he even introduced the kids to shadow puppets. Since he serves as a flashlight, we make puppets on the wall to help us transition from lights on to lights off. We also have some amazing shine-a-light books that have made their way into our rotation because they use Mark the Shark as the flashlight. He has definitely helped change my littles mind about being scared of the dark.

Besides the obvious that Mark the Shark is amazing for our littles during bedtime, he is perfect for other uses as well. I think he’s a great travel buddy. My oldest says that he feels like a pillow. Kids can take Night Buddies on the airplane and while they serve a stuffed animal, they are a perfect size for a littles head during an uncomfortable flight. They both said he’s a cool flashlight. Nightbuddies would be great during camping trips.


There are five Nightbuddies to choose from: rocket ship, turtle, orca, dolphin, or shark. There are also baby night lights that are perfect for babies. Now that easter is quickly approaching this is a perfect gift to add to a basket alongside a book and a some PJs. Click on the link and let me know which one is your favorite!

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