What Rhymes With Orange? The Second City Hollywood

What Rhymes with Orange? Are you stumped? My family and I had such a great time attending the musical “What Rhymes with Orange?” by Pepper Berry at the Second City Hollywood. From the moment the staff handed my boys a bag of glow stick glasses, I knew we were going to love it. Showing in a small and intimate theatre, “What Rhymes with Orange?” is the perfect first musical for our children especially if they are learning how to rhyme!

What is the musical about and why did we love it so much? A fairy tale musical for all ages. From the greatest heights to the mysterious jungles below, follow our hero Amari into the magical musical world of flying books, feathered librarians, singing raccoons and a land of giants as we search for the simple answer that will save the day: What Rhymes with Orange? Book & Lyrics by Pepper Berry.

From the moment the diverse cast came out and were rhyming, my boys were hooked. They are so talented, entertaining us in acapella, or a rap song! We love that the musical features puppets since our boys love them! The audience is encouraged to participate by answering questions and engaging with the cast. I really like this component because most of the time our children talk or move, but these behaviors are actually welcomed! This is one reason I loved this musical so much – it caters to children. The ending was, in fact, my favorite part of the musical! Not only because we got to wear our glow stick glasses, but because it is so creative and nothing that I have ever seen before in any production. I love performances that really inspire me to help guide my boys to use their imagination and think creatively!

Quick Reference: 

Want to take your children to watch “What Rhymes with Orange?” There are seven performances left and they take place on Sundays @ 1pm now until April 26th. The tickets are $12, I like that this is affordable for families! Parking is easy to find since there is a lot behind the Second City Hollywood. Make sure to tell the parking attendant that you are here for the show so you only have to pay $10 rather than $20. Arrive early so you can pick your seats and assemble your glasses. The show runs an hour long and I felt it was perfect for our kids! Our boys were fully engaged during the duration of the show. And when it was over, my oldest kept asking me to find words that rhyme.

Since the musical is showing until April 26th, it is the perfect spring event! I love that it is educational, I already sent a reminder to my son’s TK class since they have been focused on rhyming words. Since the theatre is smaller, you can actually see the crew, such as the stage manager and pianist, that it takes to create this production. This is a great introduction to talking to children about different roles and the types of skills and leadership each one takes to create this amazing production. I also feel like the ambiance inspires our littles, and adults, to take up musical theatre. The Second City Hollywood offers classes for children starting as early as four years old! Summer comedy camp dates are already available!

Spread the love and I hope you feel confident bringing your littles to this musical.

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