10 Fun and Easy Amazon Finds to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

My FIT4MOM tribe will have to move virtual for the next couple of weeks. We have a tight knit community of moms and so social distancing is going to challenge us to be creative by offering a virtual workout for our moms. But what happens to our playdates? We have some creative ideas we are currently planning, but for the meantime I wanted to provide a list of toys and crafts you can use to entertain your littles during a two week self-quarantine or rainy day. Given the current climate we need as much support as possible. So as a mom to a five and three year old, I came up with my top 10 list of crafts, games and toys from Amazon that have been effective in entertaining my kids!

In no particular order:

  1. Frozen II My Busy Book – Since Frozen II has been released on Disney Plus I figured it would be a great opportunity to add something from the movie here. My Busy Books are perfect because this book also has figures to play with and use while you read. Plus, you can use them to count, add them to a sensory bin play, or ask your child to retell the story.amazon5
  2. Melissa and Doug, Wooden Craft Set – For $11 you get three vehicles to paint, decorate and play with after which I call a win! Everything you need to create it is included. I like when something has multiple uses so craft plus a toy that is functional is a win for me! Here is what we have, its a bit different but similar. amazon4
  3. LEGO Duplo Submarine Adventure– This set can be used to not only allow for building but also for water play. Utilize that bath during this quarantine as another location to have fun and play! Use these pieces in an ocean themed sensory bin too! My boys still play with Duplo LEGOS since they were 2 and continue to love them! If you have an older child, a small classic box of LEGOS is still perfect because they can use the pieces to work on building letters or their own structures. I like the this option because it comes with a suitcase you can store your LEGOS. And if you have a little one in the house, your older child can keep the LEGOS contained inside and play on the table. amazon2
  4. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Vet set – My boys are obsessed with these figures! They spend a good amount of time coloring and drawing on them, and then dunk them into the water to scrub all of their hard work off. But they love it! These can also be used with a sensory bin. There is something about water play that keep them entertained for some time.amazon9
  5. Picasso Tiles Building Magnetic Blocks, 32 piece tiles with number set– I have to provide a disclaimer here, I am sponsored by them to review toys. So it was optional to repost this product. But I believe in the product and that this is a classic learning set that will last longer than the quarantine! We do so much with these tiles from learning activities to building homes for our scribble scrubbie pets. You can practice rearranging the numbers or using tiny erasers to count out the number on the tile. Also, you can reinforce shapes and colors with your littles.amazon8
  6. Think Fun Move and Groove Dance Game  – I always love finds that have different functions. This is a game that gets our kids moving! So we knock out game night and physical activity in one. Roll the cube to see what activity you will have to perform. This is a perfect game if you also have multiple children with different age ranges. Side note: This picture has both the cube and the last recommendation taken together. amazon6
  7. Melissa and Doug Puzzles – They have the best variety of puzzles for our 1 year olds to school aged children. Here are some of my favorites:
    1. Chunky Puzzles are good for our younger kids but also grow with them because you can place the pieces into a box and turn it into a game. Have your little grab them, guess the animal, or use descriptive words. Our regional center used these a lot for speech support.
    2. See and Spell is good for for letter recognition and spelling. You can use the letters to play additional games and spell out other words. We have this one and my boys love it. I think I might figure out some additional games using these letters.
    3. Jigsaw puzzles are awesome for our school-aged children and provide a foundation for basic math skills and critical thinking.amazon3
  8. Ball Pit Play Tent– When we were living in Boston and had many snow days, I relied on this ball pit to help us get through days stuck indoor. They are contained in a space and having fun tossing balls and playing inside the tent. They can also use the tent and balls separately. Reinforce colors, counting and sorting. Our speech therapist used a ball pit to hide the Melissa and Doug chunky puzzle pieces and once my son found the piece he would either call out the animal or the sound.
  9. Disney Junior Super Stretchy Game – It is similar to twister but instead you are learning about shapes, colors, and characters. My boys love it because it gets them moving and thinking about the best way to position their body on the mat. This is an easy one to modify by age because the littles can stand on the mat and jump on the card they flip while the older kids can attempt to flip as many cards as they can before falling down. amazon6
  10. Kinetic sand – There is something therapeutic about raking sand. And kids love playing with it with less mess. My boys will play with their kit for a good hour. Especially if we hide our tiny hatchimals, erasers, or the My Busy Book figures.  The tools that come in this set can also be used on playdoh so I like that you can utilize it for more than one activity!amazon10

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