SoundBot – SB 565 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

I’ve been looking for a headset that I can use to talk but to also listen to music during my home workouts, cooking and outdoor walks. There’s only so much children’s music I can handle. This mama needs to listen to her favorite jams too. SoundBot sent over the SB565 Sports Active Bluetooth Wireless Headset just in time before our stay at home order.


It’s easy to set up just follow the instructions – charge for 2 hours and you are ready to sync it to your device. The product features are easy to remember because there are two multi-function buttons that can be used for volume and tracks. The cord can be used with your phone charger so it is easy to carry both with you.

I have been feeling anxious and sad during this pandemic. And I’ve been so focused on my kids that I forgot to focus on myself. So after two weeks of adjusting, grieving, and accepting the times we are in, I remembered to give attention to myself again. I love listening to music to help me feel better. And when I opened up the package, there was a note in it that read: For good time and bad – happy and sad – we believe that every moment deserves a song. Whether you’re celebrating anniversary or getting through adversity, there’s a song that transcends the moment. I felt the personal connection that SoundBot was trying to convey not just a product but their mission. And sure enough music does help us during adversity.



The quality of sound is awesome and the price is great! The earbuds are comfortable and water proof! They stayed on even while I ran with my boys! I love using them especially when I need to take them off. They hang perfectly over my collar bone and they stay put. I have been able to clean out closets, cook, and organize while chatting away with family and friends. I can’t wait to take them with me during our travels in the future! But thinking in the now, we are close to Easter and some of us might be working on easter baskets. This is a great item to gift anyone for their basket! It fits nicely in a golden egg, or inside a basket. I have other moms looking for a wireless headset and I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!


1 thought on “SoundBot – SB 565 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

  1. Those headsetS looks really nice. There are different kinds of headsets. From a different kind of company's like BOSE, SONY, BEATS, and JBL. my favorite headset company are SONY and JBL. I just love those two. Thanks for this article.


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