Summer Must Have: Picasso Tiles 20-in-1 Camping Set

I had always been a fan of Picasso Tiles because they are so well known for their magnet building tiles and affordable prices. Even more so now, as I begin to explore the variety of learning toys that they offer and they are beyond amazing! We were gifted the Picasso Tiles 20-in-1 Camping set to review and the whole family fell in love with it. It is affordable, perfect for pretend play and for your on-the-go summer excursions. The size is perfect to take camping, to the beach or in your backyard.

We decided to take our set to the beach and my boys loved it. They spent most of their time playing in the tent and exploring with their tools. Some of the tools are functional such as the watch, compass, walkie talkies and binoculars. My boys have been into hiking and exploring so we will be taking this set with us on our next hike.


This camping set is perfect for a sibling pair because most items come in twos. I really like product to gift as a present because it is affordable, functional and provides hours of endless entertainment. Batteries are required for some items but not included, so I suggest if you gift it that you include AA batteries to maximize the effectiveness of the tools.


Pretend play is so important for a number of reasons such as learning how to share, language development and building connections to real world. I noticed that my kid were asking me for specific names and function of each item, so they are learning while they play. They had to take turns with some of the items so I think this is a huge plus because learning to take turns is important as we grow and develop into successful community members. They are also practicing social interactions by cooking for each other, or using the walkie talkies to communicate. As a parent who has sat through years of speech sessions, asking “who, what, where, when, how” questions are helping with both expressive and language skills. And for Occupational Therapy, we have to work on bilateral coordination; so I like that they have to learn how to use each tool and manipulate some of them to be used correctly. I always suggest that a product should target at least three learning objectives and I definitely see the Picasso Tiles 20-in-1 Camping set benefiting our children in multiple ways.

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