STEM Activity: Urban Kangaroo Lip Balm DIY Kit

Now that we are distance learning and staying home, I am trying to be aware of activities that help my littles learn while we do. I jumped on the opportunity to review Urban Kangaroo’s Lip Balm DIY Kit and it was everything plus more than I could have imagined. The scholar in me was excited to see the opportunity to teach numbers, sequencing, and chemistry all in this kit. The kit had me the minute I saw pipettes, organized baggies for each ingredient and detailed instructions with accompanying pictures. Can we talk about how important this is for visual learners? Thank you!

If you just want a simple and fun DIY activity to do at any age, this is perfect. But for my younger families, I am going to dissect all the learning going on so you can get an extra win for the day.

Basic counting: There are seven steps to this kit, and they are numbered on the instructions. This is the simplest way to reinforce numbers in our daily activities. I would reinforce it every step of the way, “what number are we on?” “We are on step 4, what step do we need to be at next?” My three year old has no idea we just reviewed numbers!

Sequencing: Sequencing is so important in education, even before kinder kids are learning what comes first, next and last. Sequencing helps to facilitate pre-reading skills, learning comprehension, pattern recognition, and scientific inquiry. So in order to have a successful lip balm, we need to follow the steps. I loved that the kids were asking what comes next.

Chemistry Matters (pun intended): The basic definition in chemistry is demonstrated in this DIY project! How fun is it to tell kids, “We are using chemistry in the real world!” The changes something goes through when it is mixed and then heated, is so cool. This opens the opportunity to want to engage in learning more about chemistry and introduces concepts at an early age.

Fine-motor opportunity: Squeezing pipettes, twisting bottles, and peeling stickers helped to facilitate fine-motor opportunity. For my oldest who gets OT support, this was great for him to feel confident and practice his eye-hand coordination.


Teamwork, sharing and confidence: We have one kit and two kids, it is time to share and practice teamwork. For a glorious hour, they worked together to create something they can be proud of. While one was putting in the bees wax, the other was pouring the grape seed oil. They took turns pouring in the wax into the pipettes and peeling stickers to decorate their tubes. We had a final product that they know they worked hard to create. This helped build confidence and excitement!

There were two other reasons why I loved this kit so much. First, my youngest has a sesame seed (SS) allergy, and can you believe some lip balm products put sesame oil in their balms? So I was happy to know that Urban Kangaroo uses grape seed oil instead. So for all of my SS allergy moms, this is a great win for us! My son was able to participate in the activity and was able to use the lip balm. I was confident and calm that he was going to have a good experience. Secondly, while we are practicing safer at home, I know a ton of us are looking for subscription options, or activities to try at home. And sure enough this activity was perfect for us as a break from our mundane daily activities. Plus, the kids think we are so cool that we just made our own lip balm.


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