Disney-Themed Spooky Saturdays

My boys and I are missing our Disneyland trips especially during September and October when the park begins to decorate for Halloween. There was always this amazing crisp and whimsical feel at the parks despite the SoCal heat. It actually felt like fall inside the parks. It became our tradition, and for many when traditions end, there is a feeling of emptiness inside. I didn’t want to lose those memories or feelings of joy. So instead of being sad about it, we decided we will recreate these moments at home. So with the help of my 6 and 3 year old and Pinterest, we came up with Disney themes, activities and snack trays that we can do every Saturday in October to help us get that Disney spark back into our lives. I went through my old photos to pick up on the details and started a Pinterest board. We have gone to Daiso, Dollar Tree and Target to find some of our decor and I will be exploring Amazon, Michaels and the Disney Store too!

I invite you to virtually join us! I want us to share ideas and decorations throughout the month. So let’s use #DisneySpookySaturdays to collectively share our ideas. Here is a skeleton sketch of what we are planning. These are in no particular order, and we will align our weekend theme if El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood decides to host Concessions to Go with Halloween themed movies! I will definitely be posting ideas on my Instagram, Mamahood Adventures throughout the weeks, and sharing your ideas on my stories!

Disney Halloween Themes

  1. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween
    • Watch: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Treat; and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Monster Musical
    • Activities:
      • Have a Spooky Disney Jr. dance party like they do at the parks. I’ve been asking Google to play me “Disney Halloween Music.”
      • LOL Disney page has some fun Mickey Mouse Halloween themed coloring sheets
      • Recreate the Mickey Pumpkin at the park by buying one large and two little pumpkins for the ears.
      • Have a Mickey Mouse egg hunt around your home.
      • Assemble a haunted gingerbread house!
      • Create a Mickey Banner with Mickey as a ghost, witch, Frankenstein, pumpkin and a pirate.
    • Snack Tray Ideas:
      • Oreo Mickey cookies (buy big and little cookies) and green Oogie Boogie slush
      • Use the food guide online as inspiration and try to recreate your own treats
  2. Pick Your Poison, Villains
    • Watch: Maleficent, Villains Unite the Night on YouTube, Descendants
    • Activities:
      • Create a fun activity book with a villain word search, Bingo game and the LOL Disney coloring pages
      • Create “potions” with vinegar and baking soda.
      • Play Something Wild Villains game!
      • Guess the Villain charades
    • Decorate your villainous crown and wear it during your movie or dance party!
    • Play the Disney Halloween soundtrack which will get all the villain songs!
  3. Snack Tray Ideas: Create Poison Apple Punch, eat candy apples, Ursula Pretzel Tentacles, Cruella mini hot dogs, cupcakes with Villain toppers
  4. Hocus Pocus
    • Watch: Hocus Pocus of course!
    • Activities:
      • Create a witch potion (vinegar and baking soda)
      • glow stick dance party
      • Design faces and the sisters’ hair with felt and allow your child to make witch faces.
      • Toss the candy into the mini cauldrons
      • Witches hat ring toss
      • Play Ravensburger Hocus Pocus Game
    • Snack Tray Ideas: Brooms (pretzel with buttercups or marshmallows), Hocus Pocus book brownies, Dead Man’s Toes (mini hotdogs), create a Witches Brew concoction
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Watch: All of the Pirates of Caribbean movies
    • Activities:
      • Pirate Training – Walk the plank, Crab walking, dig for treasure
      • Treasure hunt
      • Ring toss with hooks
      • Pin the Hat on Jack
    • Snack Tray Ideas: Fish and Chips (can be with fish crackers), chocolate coins, walk the plank – jello with a cracker on top, cannonballs meatballs, pirate booty, skeleton with pretzels, fruit bowls using small watermelon skin, pirate gold (cheese cubes), pirate ship brownies, shark bait Swedish fish, peg leg pretzels, rice crispy treasure boxes
  6. Monsters Inc. – Daiso has a huge variety of themed supplies!
    • Watch: Monsters Inc. Monsters University, and short-film Party Central
    • Activities:
      • Create monster slime!
      • monster sensory bin, I found character figurines at Dollar Tree!
      • Monster Factory – create your own Monster out of felt or colored paper
      • Activity packet of coloring sheets
      • Toss the Scream Canisters (must create them)
      • Monster Bean Bag game made from a box
      • Monster University obstacle course
      • paint and create a Mike and Sulley pumpkin
      • Monster bowling
    • Snack Tray Ideas: Pizza (Party Central), edible candy eyes to make cupcakes, jello molds, candy sushi
  7. Coco
    • Watch: Coco
    • Activities:
      • Paint a wooden skull
      • Decorate a sugar skull
      • Face painting
      • Easy themed activity packet
      • Create an ofrenda for any family members you have lost
    • Snack Tray Ideas: Churros, skeleton gingerbread or white pretzels and a marshmallow to form a skeleton, pan dulce, churro popcorn mix, rice crispy guitars
  8. Nightmare Before Christmas – Daiso has a huge collection of themed items right now! Now this one is purposefully last because I want our Halloween home party to be Nightmare Before Christmas themed!
    • Watch: Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Activities:
      • Sally’s Potion Station – all you need at minimum is vinegar, baking soda, food coloring
      • Jack and cast canvas and cookies for kids!
      • Oogie Boogie Operation, or Monopoly themed Nightmare Before Christmas board games
      • Toss the Can game, print out their faces and glue on the can
      • Sally and Jack pumpkin carving
    • Snack Tray Ideas: Oogie Boogie Slush, Jack Skellington marshmallow treats, ghost chips, Worms Wart Soup

You don’t need to spend a ton, just be creative with what you have or find pieces that can mix and match for a variety of themes. Mix a purple, green and black color scheme. Reuse those Amazon and Target delivery boxes too! You can also find a lot of Halloween design food at your local grocery store. Not enough time? You make it really easy by doing the same activities to each theme: a simple activity packet, pumpkin decorating, canvas and snack while you watch each movie. As a reminder, if you choose to follow along and participate, please make sure to tag me and use #DisneySpookySaturdays !!

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