Cooking as a Family with Zulay Kitchen – Lemon Lime Squeezer

Given the current pandemic, we have been staying home and cooking more. I have been looking for gadgets to help ease our cooking experience especially with two little ones at home. We also love to find items that are also kid-friendly so my boys can help me with the meal prep. We were gifted a Zulay Kitchen lemon lime squeezer and it has definitely helped us add new recipes to our rotation and make it easy to use lemons and limes. You can find it on Amazon, Target and the Zulay Kitchen website. Use Mamahood10 on the Zulay Kitchen site for an additional 10% off on your orders! As my best friend says, we want items that can multi-task just like us moms. There are several benefits to this squeezer, and just like moms it can multi-task.

  1. Save time and effort – It was so easy to give my son the lemons to squeeze. He popped in half of one, and squeezed away. It is an easy three step process, place lemon in, pull back and squeeze.
  2. Get every last drop from your fruit – We are definitely not trying to waste food! So using this squeezer really allows to us to use every drop that we can maximize.
  3. Engineered to be easy on the hands – My boys can definitely use it! I showed them the three easy steps and they were squeezing away! It also helps if you are trying to help your littles work on fine motors and strengthen their hand muscles.
  4. Cleans in seconds – I want to spend less time cleaning and more time with my kids, so having the squeezer that is easy to clean is essential.

Cooking as a family has many benefits such as filling my kid’s bucket for quality time with mom and dad. With limited social interaction, cooking is one way we can help them understand how you can work together to produce a final product. Teamwork is key to having too many cooks in the kitchen. I give them assigned jobs such as the official squeezer or mixer. Together, we cook and then, they feel proud of their work. Plus, they spend some quality and offscreen time with us.

Zulay Kitchen provides amazing kid-friendly gadgets to help mom or dad cook at home. We also have their bento box and it has been going strong for over a year. It is a small business created by Aaron Cordovez, named after his mother. Zulay is a super mama, she was raised in Venezuela and brought her two sons to the US. As a single mother with limited time, Zulay still managed to cook healthy meals for her children. We love to support companies with a purpose and know the meaning of easing our worries and maximizing our time so we can spend more time with our children.

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