Happy Place: The Drive Thru

I remember attending the Happy Place three years ago when they first started their tour. I had recently found out some sad news about my dog, but we still attended. The 45 minutes experience elicited happiness and for the duration of the time any sadness I was experiencing was halted by the amount of happiness that I was walking through. Now, three years later, we are in the middle of pandemic and once again feelings of sadness is replaced with happiness. I experience Happy Place this time as a drive-thru experience and it was just as amazing as the first time I experienced it. The drive is amazing, and the meaning of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel can perfectly sum up this experience literally and figuratively.

First we took a scenic drive through California Dreamin’. I am reminded of how beautiful our state is, and the type of activities we can do participate in that make us feel happy – the beach, a coastal drive, and the city of San Francisco. And if you don’t know I spent the majority of my twenties in the Bay area and happy memories began to come up. Okay, so now I want to know which psychologist helped them with the set design. But then, I start to connect all the songs that I am hearing. They are songs that we can relate to and make us feel happy. A few artists include Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Beyonce, The Beatles to name a few. Instantly, I want the playlist on repeat, I am hoping they will release it on Spotify. Even my boys are jamming and begin to say “that’s my favorite song.”

A long row of painted daisies remind me of my sister who I dearly love and admire. And an enlarged HAPPY sign that reminds me to be happy. A long drive through different installations such as enlarged lips and high heels, bubble bath, a camping site, a meaningful quote, and XO a symbol of love. Once again, I am reminded of simple life pleasures that bring us happiness.

Another level of happiness to come, literally. As you move up a parking level to symbols of my early childhood memories. A fun mirror to check your happiness and catch a photo opportunity of the whole entourage. But then, the piano! Tickle the Keys: The Giant Piano Experience is my son’s favorite part of this entire experience. He is currently learning to play the piano and he was soooo excited to see it! Then we move onto symbols of happiness. What are some simple happy symbols that you can think of right now? How about the following: enlarged gum ball machines, birthday candles, chocolate chip cookies and candy because bigger is better and magical on Sweet Tooth Street. Super Bloom is a field of flowers and to me symbolizes that the simple things in life such as stopping to smell the flowers can make us feel happy. And I have to add a disclaimer here, my finger is not touching the coin. It is an illusion that can be done with the angle of my camera (teehee0.

Now, we enter my early adulthood when weekend trips to the club with my friends made me happy. But now this happiness has been replaced with Friday night dance parties at home with my kids. Time to dance? Yup! Enter Club Happy for a nightclub experience. For a couple of minutes just dance and let your adrenaline and endorphins release some happy vibes. At this point I wish I had hydraulics on my car so we can bounce up and down. As I watch my kids go wild in a drive thru dance club, I take a mental snapshot because at that moment in time we are all happy.

And then the lights are back on and the after party leads you to another photo opportunity and a car wash. I am reminded that I am going to add “take the kids through a car wash” to my list of happy places. And although our experience comes to an end, my happiness is at an all time high. I leave inspired to share this euphoric experience with you.

What to know before you go? You must have a reservation upon arrival and can be found here. Happy Place is located on the 3rd floor of Westfield Century City’s parking structure (off of Avenue of the Stars). The entire experience will be from your car, but it is perfect. Don’t forget to be creative with your carfies. Passengers are encouraged to take photos. Additionally, key locations will utilize QR technology to take photos and/or video of your entire car!

COVID-19 SAFETY NOTE FROM HAPPY PLACE: We have designed the event to accommodate measures that mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. All guests must stay in their vehicle for the duration of the event. Every occupant ages 3 and up in the vehicle must be wearing a mask or appropriate face covering at all times during the event. Guests will only be permitted to leave their vehicle for emergency use of the restroom facilities located in the Westfield Mall. We advise everyone to use the restroom before you start the experience.

1 thought on “Happy Place: The Drive Thru

  1. Your blog post is so thorough. And I especially liked your comment about your sister and the daisies. 😆


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