MEandMine STEAM Play Kits

I have always been a strong advocate for the sciences, early childhood literacy and building social-emotional learning amongst young children. So when MEandMine gifted my boys a STEAM Play Kit, I looked into their back group and product development. I knew that this product is what I have been looking for. I want them to grow to love the learning process, to be curious and to develop a growth mindset, be empathetic, and practice self-discovery and self-regulation. These are skills they need to be resilient in life. But I believe in learning by doing. And at this formative age, I know they need games, books, pretend play, and crafts to help them learn. Enter MEandMine, everything you need in one box. I loved it so much, I purchased three more play kits for my boys. And although the experience is meant for them, it is a reminder to me what my role is as a parent. As an educator, I know we (adults) are always going to be lifelong learners. So, I am reminded that I needed a refresher on all of these skills just as much as I want my children to learn them.

So as we begin to play “Coral-laboration” a kit that focuses on teamwork and emotions, I am reminded that I am learning just as much as they are. We are in the middle of a pandemic, stress levels are high, social anxiety is on the rise, and the unknown has come to visit us on the daily. For an hour, the boys and I are focused on building our game board and we are working as a team, reading instructions, and crafting our game pieces. Our focus is on our game and not on current events. We read the book that comes in the kit, and I love it. I am all for incorporating a book to our projects or pretend play. So this is definitely a plus to these play kits! As I reflect on the process I realize that my boys have taken pride in creating a board game, there is ownership attached and so playing the game will have much more meaning to their experience. We spend another hour playing the game. There is no individual winner, the team wins if they can safely move the egg across the ocean without dropping it. We are working as a team, each player has a super power skill. This gives me, the parent, an opportunity go over each skill, reminding them that each person contributes to the team. There is so much learning going on via play and I am one happy parent. This is definitely an experience in a box.

“Coral-laboration” is one of many play kits that are available for purchase. Play kits range from adventures in healing, digestion, skin, muscles to emotions, team work, and self-concept. I love how there is a theme attached to each one. So my oldest who loves magic is going to love the adventure about the brain, “Quest to 5 Magic Kingdoms”. The child will become a magician and unlock five STEM tricks to learn more about our five brain lobes. While my youngest loves robots so learning about adventures in emotions, “iLuv’s Colored Gears” will be perfect for him. These kits are fun and educational. I am also excited that there are three additional kits coming out focusing on the nerves, relationships and empathy.

Currently, MEandMine has a holiday promotion, use Holiday30 to receive 30% off each kit. This is a fantastic promotion. I literally just purchased three because I believe in this product so much. This is a perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays and to entertain the kids during the upcoming winter break.

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