Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru, Toyota Arena, Ontario, CA Dec 3rd – Jan 2nd

Have you began to plan your holiday break? Now more than ever drive-thru experiences are how we entertain our children. My boys are into Hot Wheels these days, all they want are tracks and cars. But to show them a real life Hot Wheel will be the best Christmas present ever! We have been gifted tickets for the event, and are so excited to attend. Here is a little more information so you can be informed and ready to take-off!

The event will be held at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA on December 3, 2020. This once-in-a-lifetime experience, which will run through January 2, 2021, will showcase more than a mile of 50+ life-size Hot Wheels vehicles and Monster Trucks, and offer experiences including photo ops and more. The unique, kid-focused drive-thru experience offers fans a rare opportunity to travel through the largest life-size collection of Hot Wheels vehicles ever including Hot Wheels iconic Deora® II,
Twin Mill®, Rip Rod®, Loop Coupe® and Bone Shaker®. Also starring in the lineup will be the
original Monster Truck, BIGFOOT® and its extraordinary fleet featuring the popular BIGFOOT Demo Derby, V8 Bomber® and many more!

As guests travel through in the comfort of their own vehicle, they will drive into the world of
Hot Wheels with vehicles displayed in epic ways while listening to an exciting and educational
audio companion, plus a special in-car photo experience. Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru will open weekdays and weekends throughout its 4-week run at Toyota Arena parking lot, with flexible pricing ($45-$60) for online and on-site ticket purchasing. Tickets are now available.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru is going BIG with value, offering a FREE Hot Wheels 3-Car Pack
with EVERY ticket purchase! Ticket purchasers can also pre-purchase exclusive Hot Wheels and
BIGFOOT merchandise bundles to be redeemed at the event. For more event information and
to purchase tickets visit

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru and the Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks Live tour is a partnership
between Mattel and Raycom-Legacy Content Company. Mattel and Raycom-Legacy Content Company have worked closely on the enhanced safety
measures for Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru.

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