GLOW, South Coast Botanic Garden Nov. 21st -Jan. 10th

I was so excited to experience a fun and safe nighttime walking experience called GLOW at the South Coast Botanic Garden located at the Palos Verdes Peninsula! We were hosted during media night and it was amazing! These beautiful art installations use the garden’s favorite collections and enhances the beauty using thousands of lights and unique sounds. My boys danced to the light movement while I kept trying to Shazam the music because I loved it so much. The artistically curated soundtrack features a variety of genres of  music including original electro-pop songs produced specifically for GLOW by DJ Jerzy, Baja surf music, Train and Vivaldi. We loved walking up to see some of these amazing collections such as the Bohannon Rose Garden, Banyan Grove, Desert Collection and Living Wall. All of the art installations were beautifully done and one of our favorites was the live light show. We all danced to it and were amazed by the synchronization between light and sound.

The experience was so calming at the same time. To walk through at night enhanced our experience and I kept saying how beautiful everything looked when you see it from a different light – literally and figuratively speaking. My boys loved having the opportunity to do something at night. This was such a great way to get some exercise in when most events have turned into a drive-thru this experience provided a sense of normalcy we have been wanting for a long time. The garden was safe and they were adhering to social distance protocols. And since the pandemic has caused a hardship for gardens in general, this is a great way to support it and give back to the for always providing a beautiful and safe space for our children to run and explore.

Now for the logistics so you have have a great time!

Dates and times: The exhibit launched November 21 and runs daily through January 10, 2021 with the exception  of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Garden is limiting  capacity and requiring timed-ticket reservations beginning at 5:30 p.m. and as late as 8:30 p.m., with 9 p.m. tickets available on select nights. 

Tickets: $24.95 per person for Members, $34.95 per person for non-members. Children 4 and under are free. Find tickets here!

Mask mandated: Masks must be worn at all times. It is a simple action that can keep the garden running during this pandemic.

Glow sticks anyone? My go-to nighttime must have is a glow stick necklace (see picture without flash). I make sure we have a family four-pack at hand so we can wear it not just as a fun accessory but to spot us all at night. It is perfect when you need to easily spot some enthusiastic and energetic kids.

Overall, we loved our experience and recommend it for families, couples, and friends! This is a great experience to gift someone during the holidays. I love that the experience is for and appreciated by all ages. You can see my son gave it a thumbs up!!

1 thought on “GLOW, South Coast Botanic Garden Nov. 21st -Jan. 10th

  1. GLOW was amazing, and I’m glad you had fun! I hope they do this again next year.


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