Jurassic Quest – SoCal 2021

With the holiday drive thru’s over, our family let out a loud RAWR when we found out that Jurassic Quest was trekking through Southern California. See over 72 dinosaurs from all of three different periods. Some dinosaurs move and the details are so amazing they look real! My kids loved to see a tail swinging, mouths opening, and arms moving. But don’t worry it isn’t scary at all. I felt like we were on a cool ride! Plus, it is educational so I was ecstatic to know we can learn while having fun. We had the opportunity to be hosted during media day and my young paleontologists had a DINO-mite time! Here are some tips to help you navigate this amazing drive thru!

  1. Tickets are available here and SoCal residents have four options – Rose Bowl, Pomona, Costa Mesa or San Diego. Ticket prices are $49 a car and are available Wednesday-Sunday, with early morning and late night options. You are allowed to add add-ons such as toy packs but you can also purchase one you are there!
  2. Pack like you are going on a jurassic adventure – fill up your gas tank, bring a camera, pack water and snacks! Encourage your littles to bring your favorite dinosaur or dress like a paleontologist! We found pith helmets at Party City for $2 and have been using them for all of our Dino adventures!
  3. Make sure to have the audio ready. I would suggest bringing two phones if you can. One to leave on for the duration of the trip, and another to take pictures of all the amazing dinosaurs. The audio (English and Spanish options) can be found here.
  4. Want to purchase dinosaur items? At the end of the tour, you will drive-thru the gift shop and can purchase some fun toys, plushes, balloons and more. We loved the $25 pack that includes a bag, three Dino figures, a Dino plush, water bottle, activity book, poster and a dig to keep your kiddo entertained at home or the car ride home!
  5. There are porta potties at the end of the tour. As well as an option to park on the side prior to entering to get the family reading for their adventure!

I am big on providing additional resources and learning opportunities at home so we extend our drive-thru experience at home. Here are some simple activities to do. 

  1. Take pictures of the event so when you are back at home you can listen to the audio again and match the descriptions to the pictures! In fact, make a journal of your adventure! Have the kids write down the dinosaur names.
  2. Draw your favorite dinosaur! If you purchased the $25 pack, a poster is included so we use that to review our dinosaur names and seek inspiration to draw a dinosaur.
  3. Bring out your dinosaurs and reenact scenes or play paleontologist and seek your own pretend play adventure.
  4. I was gifted Dinosaur themed resin alphabet letters from Colorama, a local SoCal mom shop. They were so amazing and aligned with our play and learning. My 4 year old is having a great time playing with his dinosaurs and learning his alphabet and numbers.
  5. Read a dinosaur book and play I spy! Find all the dinosaurs you can remember seeing at Jurassic Quest!

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