Endless Mountain Learning Center – Activity Kit

I’m that mom that is eagerly pinning activities and crafts to supplement my kids’ curriculum. Only to find myself overwhelmed and trying to figure out what is age appropriate, thinking where will I store everything I buy, and eager to create lesson plans but finding zero energy at night to do it. And then the Endless Mountain Learning Center Activity kit was gifted to us and I fell in love. I am a former educator, Harvard trained and STEAM enthusiast so you can only imagine how I felt as my kids and I opened this box and saw laminated sheets, organized and labeled bags, scholastic books, crafts galore, and a binding spine curriculum guide with learning outcomes. Then, I saw a curriculum subject code that tells me what is related to math, art, social and emotional development and so on. I almost flipped of excitement, because what I wish I could ever do and imagined what my pins would eventually become was right there in front of me.

A year in review: It has been a year of distance learning and I felt like I have been supplementing my son’s curriculum for a long time. I have a kindergartner, on an IEP, and services and instruction isn’t the same via zoom. I wanted him to get the crafts and play that traditionally we would get in kinder. So I made a commitment to provide that at home. So when we were learning about Arctic animals and winter, we supplemented with this beautiful and amazing kit that aligned so well to our school curriculum. I also have a four year old who missed going to pre-school. So I needed to maintain the love of learning for him so I have also been trying to find themed activities that also align with our kinder curriculum. You can only imagine this hot mess mom dealing with anxiety and also figuring out two lesson plans. I was able to differentiate for both of them with this one box.

What’s in the kit? Each box has a theme to go with the season, so we were gifted the winter box.

  1. Books: There were three scholastic books included, a Winter Yoga guide, song sheets, and a curriculum guide to help me step by step. There are 15 lessons planned provided with materials needed, questions to ask, extension activities and learning goals. They are easy to read and anyone can implement them. Each lesson plan also lets you know what subject you are focus on.
  2. Supplies: Everything you need for each lesson and craft is included: paint, brushes, canvas, dice, penguins, play dough, salt, stickers to name a few. They are packed in each bag so it is organized and easy to find.
  3. Laminated sheets: OMG! This is what I flipped about because I would love to own a laminating machine and save a bunch of paper. There were seven amazing laminated sheets that we can us all season over and over again. We have an alphabet, numbers, I spy, and tracing words sheets. We have used them differently each time. So for example, I can either have my son trace the alphabet, or we can play a sounds game and cover each letter with a gem or even use the play dough to mold each letter.
  4. Cards: We received two sets of laminated number cards. We can use them to match, number identification, place the penguins on top. So many amazing ways to use them.

Easter is quickly approaching and we always have birthdays and holidays to gift items to kids. I have to say this is by far my favorite activity kit and the perfect gift for a child. And shipping is included in the cost. Plus, you know you can use it all season. It is easy to pack back in the box it came in so it saves us space too. Who will you gift an activity kit to? The spring box will begin to ship March 15th so you have time to receive it in time for Easter and the first day of spring!

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