About me

I am a stay-at-home mom to two boys (3 and 1) and a fur angel (Kobe the bulldog, 8). This blog came to be when I was always feeling anxious about going out on my own with my two kids. I would research my trip and I was finding a difficult time finding a one-stop shop that laid out all the specifics for that one venue I was about to venture on with my toddlers. I wanted tips that would decrease my anxiety and allow me to enjoy our outings (as much as I could with two kids under 3). Trips can also be overwhelming for our young children, so I figured if I am relaxed they will feed off my vibe and I’ll be better equipped to help them through their own feelings. As a SoCal native for the first 18 years, I never explored the area through the lens of a parent. Now, after 15 years I am back on a mamahood adventure with my boys exploring what SoCal has to offer!

I love exploring SoCal with my boys! I have an education background so occasionally I’ll add my 2 cents about how my outings can be educational beyond the trip. As a former guidance counselor, it’s natural for me to provide resources and referrals for those that need it and now that outlet is on this blog!

I know I named this blog Mamahood Adventures (there is a story behind it), but it is really an inclusive blog for ALL parents, guardians, family and caretakers looking for places to enjoy and wishful tips to make a trip with your children a lot more enjoyable!

– Vanessa


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