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If you find me on Instagram as Mamahood.Adventures, I have a #finickfoodieFriday that I highlight kid-friendly eateries around SoCal! I will also add them here so you have a list of places to try!


El Cholo – There are 5 located across LA so it’s convenient wherever you live. For $7.95 the kids meal gives you a large plate (main dish and a side, or kindly ask for half and half) and drink. We opted for the horchata and it came with refills. Kids have several menu items such as taquitos, burrito, taco, and chicken nuggets to choose from, and either rice, beans, or fries. We were allowed to get half rice and beans. There was so much left over we took some home! The kids also loved the chips and salsa, and were entertained by the crayons and activity menu.

The Malibu Cafe is definitely a hidden gem in the LA area! Totally worth the trek if you don’t live nearby. You can either opt for reservations or downstairs for self service. The menus on both sides are delicious and my 3 year old ate all of his grilled cheese and some of his fries and the Mac and cheese! Options include BBQ, salads, sandwiches and a variety of appetizers! I loved the ducks dining with us. And after we took the kids to play oversized games and complementary paddle boats! If we had to wait a bit we probably would have entertained the kids with the games first!

Panini Kabob Grill – I call it a win if my little guy self selected to take a bite of a cucumber dipped in hummus. An extra plus that it’s tahini free because our baby Hulk has a severe sesame allergy. Chocolate milk is made on the spot and it is delicious! The portions are huge for my tiny toddlers tummy so of course there was a to-go bag. If you opt for the Family Kabob meal it is totally worth it. My husband, kids, and parents shared the 3-entree kabob meal and we still had extra food left. The best thing about this place is that it’s so close to us and there are 12 locations around LA and the OC!!

Stonefire Grill – I like that they have restaurants style food, and you place your order at the counter so we aren’t waiting so long for our food! This is a definite plus when I have my two boys with me. The portions are huge and the price is right. I like that we can choose our side to go along with our Mac and cheese. My picky eater loves their Mac and cheese, while my 3 year old loves their burger and house chips. The burger is an adult option but kids meals vary from ribs (huge portion), Mac and cheese to chicken fingers. But my kids love their food, and my 3 year old even pics at my salad because they make them chopped and he thinks little tomatoes and cucumbers are cute. There are over 10 locations across LA and OC with two more opening up soon!


Chipotle Mexican Grill – They like the individual compartments and the option to sample some of the options before deciding on their sides. Which makes Chipotle kid-friendly if they let them sample their sides and I didn’t even ask! For $4.75 the kids meal gives you a make your own taco with two sides, fruit (or chips) and a drink! The $3.75 quesadilla option comes with two sides, fruit or chips and a drink!

Corner Bakery – This place is special to me because it was the first eatery I ventured out when I first had my second baby and needed a quick bite and outing as a new mama of two! Why? I knew they supplied crayons, cookies on site and were quick! Plus, at the time I started a Mommy and Me and there was a Corner Bakery across the street (Whittier) so it was convenient and perfect! For $4.59 you get all this food for a toddler! There’s a ton of breakfast and lunch options and combos with drinks and sides so if you want chips, a cookie, or fruit as your side pick and choose on different visits! Plus, the staff (Woodland Hills) is very patient with my crew and ordering extra napkins and utensils has become a habit! Also, sign-up for their rewards program and you can get some awesome specials!

Panera – It is always a safe place to go to if I want to make sure my kids are going to eat. The kids are happy campers with their Mac and cheese, chocolate milk and apple (sliced upon request)!  They have a variety of options, and sides include: apple, chips or bread. They have a nice bakery section so if we want to splurge on a tasty baked good, their chocolate chip muffin top is amazing! Also, sign-up for their rewards program!

Porto’s Bakery and Cafe – Some of my items that I shared isn’t on the menu but can be added when you ask the manager! When I think of kid-friendly I also think of flexibility that restaurants have to help modify your meal for a toddler. And with complete ease so you never feel bad for asking! I order diced ham and potato sticks on the side because my kids love them! Rellenitos are black beans inside a platano maduro roll which is so delicious! We order those for the kids along with potato balls filled with ground beef. I asked for a side of platanos maduros on the side but they don’t offer those until 10am. But those are definitely delicious and kids love them! There are 5 locations across LA/OC- Burbank, Glendale, Downey, Buena Park, and coming soon West Covina!

Dessert shops:

Donas – I wanted to check out all the hype surrounding Donas and it was amazing! We literally woke up and left to make it in time for opening (pjs still on the kids). Even dada was a trooper with us on our adventure! The kids loved the Donas and were even offered a sticker which of course was a plus in the eyes of a toddler who was waiting in line at 7am. They even have vegan options; and some delicious flavors like the lavender honey Bidi Bom (Selena donut) which of course was supposed to be mine but taken from me by my 3 year old. I was super jealy when he had the glittery lips and not me! And he devoured it. It’s so good that by 7:10am there was only 1 left on the tray but there was more in the back (It made me sweat a little lol). I’m super happy my parents live near this place because it’s going to be on rotation when we visit. And they also own Horchateria which is also on my list to visit soon!!

Magpies Softserve – Located in Tarzana and Silverlake, conveniently located near a freeway (101 and 5) so even if you don’t live nearby you can always visit them en route to your destination. Both my kids and I loved their chocolate malt flavor and they have tons of toppings to choose from. They make everything from scratch and have some unconventional options which makes trying them delicious and make me feel somewhat better that we eat ice cream as a snack. Plus, they change up their menu so its a surprise what we will (but you can find their flavors of the day on their website).

Sprinkles – Located across LA and Orange County, Sprinkles has some amazing cupcakes! If you have on near you become a rewards member because I ended up earning a free pint of Red Velvet ice cream and its delicious! My kids love their mini cupcakes so I don’t feel guilty feedings them the bigger ones. Only $5 for 3 minis and they are happy!



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